J.S. Cruz

Let's build an internet radio player in Qt

I like listening to internet radio.

Shortwave works pretty well, but it’s written in GTK and I don’t really like the interface. Plus, I think it could have a couple of nice features (auto-download? local changes?) which are present in, e.g., RadioDroid.

I figured I could take this opportunity to make my own, and to learn how to use Qt along the way. I want it to have at least feature parity with Shortwave (including radio-browser integration).

I plan on making the program following KDE guidelines and using KDE libraries. I’ll do it the old-way, with KDE Frameworks. Maybe when it’s in a decent state I can port it to Kirigami so it’s usable on mobile.

My end goal would then be to have it become part of the KDE project.

Finally, just as a recommendation, if you like internet radio, give Radio Caprice a listen. There are so many different stations that there should be something for everyone. Their back-end IPs don’t change, so you can use them as a source wherever you listen to radio.

Tags: #kde #kadio